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Leeloo is a young cat who loves adventures and playing with her friends. She spends a lot of her time chatting to her good friend Billy, the bumble bee. He helps remind Leeloo of her strengths. Sometimes Leeloo worries about things. She worries about going to school, at night she becomes afraid of the dark and she sometimes worries her friend won’t want to play with her.


STRATEGIES TO MANAGE ANXIETY: An interactive, therapeutic book created by a Psychologist to help children identify uncomfortable, anxious feelings and to learn coping mechanisms to manage their worries in a creative and fun way.


RESILIENCE BUILDING AND SOCIAL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT: It’s designed to empower and build resilience in children. Leeloo asks questions directed at the reader, encouraging them to explore what they would do if they were in a similar situation. Research shows, when children are encouraged to reflect on what the character of a story is going through and to put themselves in the character’s shoes, it builds empathy and resilience. 


PARENT RELATIONSHIP BUILDING: It provides an opportunity for children to connect with their caregiver. By showing your child that their concerns matter to you, they will feel validated and loved. The book also includes information for caregivers to help them support and hold space for their child while they work through difficult feelings. 


COPING CARD INCLUDED: This encourages children to practice strategies to help them manage their difficult feelings when they feel overwhelmed.

Stuck In The Mud

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