Counselling Services

Individual Therapy

The therapeutic process can help you to discover barriers that prevent you from personal growth. Acknowledging issues and becoming more conscious of them can help you develop more resilience and learn healthier ways to manage your emotions and overcome obstacles. The sessions can help you to process things that have happened, understand why you think and behave the way you do and develop insight into your behavior as well as help you to feel more empowered in your life. It can help you explore the effect of the past and how it might have influenced your present life. The therapeutic process can help you understand how relationships impact on you, how to build your self-worth as well as how to best manage your emotions and realise your potential.

Play Therapy

Non-directed play therapy is a therapy that is used with children. It is a dynamic process where the child is provided with a space where they can explore issues at his or her own pace. The therapeutic alliance between the child and therapist provides the opportunity for the child to use their inner resources in order to bring about emotional growth and positive change. For children, their ‘play’ is their way of communicating and resolving issues. When I see children for play therapy, it is important for me to have an intake session with the parents before I see the child.

Career Counselling

People tend to find fulfillment in their lives when their personal attributes are well matched to their profession. We spend most of our lives working, therefore it is very important to find the best person-profession fit possible. When looking for a fulfilling profession, one should first look at four aspects of oneself. It is important to take into account a person’s interests, values, personality traits and ability. By identifying these four aspects, one is better able to make an informed decision about what the best person-profession fit will be for you.

I am passionate about helping people find fulfillment in their working roles. I provide a package, which includes assessments to assess the four aspects of a client, a telephone or face-to-face consultation as well as a report. This service will be available early 2016. You are welcome to contact me now to book a session in for next year.

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